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Hair loss, sideburns, aloe vera gel and bad decisions...

So, the hair loss started a few weeks ago. It was about 14 days after my first round of chemo and I very gently brushed my hair. I had a far more significant level of "shedding" than ever before and it was clear that I was losing my hair. I definitely knew it would happen and had a general idea of when, but I didn't know how things would really pan out and how much I would lose. I'm using cold caps ( and the results are very individual -- some people keep all of their hair and some people keep none of their hair and there was no telling where I was going to land. The idea of losing my hair was so vastly different from the actual experience of losing it. Starting to see my scalp peeking through the hair has been so hard to attempt to get used to. It has already been a few weeks since this all started and I'm still really trying to adjust.

I have heard that the most common place to have your hair thin, or lose it completely, is the &q…

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